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Parna is a true inspiration! Ever since I attended her Yoga/Meditation Classes, it seems like I have rediscovered my true self.

Christina Lomax

I take Parna's Classes.  After taking her  Breathing Workshop, I regularly try her breathing techniques during my yoga asana practices and  I feel much better, more engaged, and feel the posture deeper. I am trying her techniques in everyday life, and getting better in my postures.

Jill Ko

I  have personally benefited from Parna's Yoga Sessions and seen an increase in my functional capacity. Parna says  if you are not able to do any particular posture then visualize  yourself in that posture, send your breath there , you will feel sensation. It will help to strengthen your muscles. 

Vibha Gupta

As a Physical Therapist I highly recommend Parna's Yoga Classes., Personal Trainings and Workshops. She is extremely knowledgeable. You can clear your doubts about Yoga and Human Anatomy  by taking her classes and discussing with her. 

Ravi Khanna

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